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by the boys

There will never be another guy like you in our lifetime....

by Jeff Lindquist

We woke up at the same hotel many of us have been in a dozen times ...

Pro Flight Finale '13 writeup

GOAT was heading in with its favourite  mindset: Confident with a touch of the underdog chip on the shoulder.

John P. Hassell

​by Graham Withers. December 2012

GOAT from 1997 to 2012

2012 season recap / statement

by Adrian Yearwood. November 2012

I’m gonna throw some names on the table. Ghandi. Terry Fox. Jesus. The Tiananmen Square guy.​ “Damn, those are some epic dudes?”.

Mental Toughness

Susan Smith March 2012

Mental Toughness is a cop out. I believe mental discipline trumps so called mental toughness all the time. All the champions I have been around had incredible mental discipline. Making someone puke in a workout or running someone until they drop does not build mental toughness. Find out who will do the workout when no one is there to make them do it. Find out who shows up and brings their "A" game every day no matter what the conditions and circumstances. Those are the people who have mental discipline; those are the people I want on my team.

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